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Below is a selection of testimonials given to our team for therapy and counselling, CBT, psychology and career coaching.  You can read more testimonials on our blog here.

We value all feedback.  Please get in touch if you have any compliments, comments or suggestions, by emailing

David Craigie

"I found David's explanation and pace spot on and the sessions both affirming and insightful.  Also, completely tailored to my needs."

Judy Leicht

"Judy just made the environment feel very safe like I could say anything and that would be ok.  Also, her ability to pinpoint the problems was amazing, very friendly, comforting and overall very good at her job."

Sheila Van Tol

"Most helpful was the ability to discuss anxiety openly and freely and to begin to understand my behaviour around anxiety."

Samantha Bennett

"Samantha gave me a great understanding of the issues I was experiencing (panic attacks, anxiety and hypochondria) and how to deal with them."

Alistair McBeath

 "I found Alistair's great sense of humour put me at ease and I was able to use humour to talk about difficult and/or upsetting things-for me this was extremely important.  Alistair literally saved my life!"

Therapy / Psychology

"Life-changing isn't a strong enough phrase to describe my experience, I cannot thank the partnership enough."

Jenny Kerr

"The sessions were so tailored to me.  I felt like Jenny really understood me, very quickly, and came up with techniques and talking points that really suited the way I think."

Sarah McLaren

"[Sarah] seemed to have an almost innate sense of when to push (gently) and when to hold back; I never felt rushed, but always felt that progress was being made. I cannot praise the therapist highly enough."


"I was very impressed with the professionalism of everyone that I had contact with - I felt that I could trust them completely with what I was going through."

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