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We pride ourselves on building trusting and professional relationships with our clients, be they large organisations or self-funding individuals. Owing to the nature of private practice and client confidentiality, it can be difficult to provide testimonials. However, we are delighted that the following clients have agreed to share their views about our service. Names have been modified to protect anonymity.

Alistair combined Psychological Therapy with Career Counselling:

"I found it helpful that the sessions were so flexible. When I needed to talk about developing situations in my life, I was given the space to talk and received helpful guidance. Whilst David also managed to keep focus on the goals and issues I presented in the first session. David made sure to give me techniques I could take into my daily life from the very beginning. I particularly enjoyed the mind map activity, which allowed me to continuously consider all aspects of my life throughout our sessions. Sessions were professional, yet friendly and informal. I looked forward to them every week."

Kieran came for Anxiety and Stress Management

"Natural, professional and about me. There was no rush and time to explore my thinking and reflections which was such a powerful tool for me. Couldn't tell you how often I had "light bulb" moments. It was very interesting because we started out on actions to tackle my anxieties head on and soon moved to in depth conversations about me and why I felt the way I did. We tackled my life rules and challenged where it all came from and where it was going. For me, our discussions and what we recorded were so positive. This was not an overnight success story and needed a lot of work from both of us, but so worth it." Annabelle came for Career Coaching:

"David provided a safe space to talk and was a compassionate listener. He offered helpful advice and strategies that helped greatly. I would continue to recommend his services to others." Sean came for therapy: "The sessions were transformative. They allowed me to own and articulate my recovery in an atmosphere of intelligent open enquiry, straightforward practical feedback and warm, empathetic support. I'm amazed at the speed of my journey from desperation to genuine wellbeing - I didn't expect to achieve anything like this, and definitely couldn't have done it without these sessions. Being able to get an initial appointment so quickly was also crucial." John worked with us for Career Counselling: "I found David's explanation and pace spot on and the sessions both affirming and insightful. Also, completely tailored to my needs." Sarah saw us for well-being coaching:

“I very much appreciated the professional skill and sensitivity enabling trust to develop. Handouts [were] clear and concise. Having the opportunity to put advice into practice and then reflect upon outcome invaluable. I am aware that the emphasis of your work is towards work situations. There is a huge need for counseling and personal development, not work related, in which you could be of great assistance to others."

Helen saw us for career coaching and CV preparation:

“CV much improved. Would absolutely recommend this service to others. [You] provide good service tailored to individual needs."

Michael saw us for a combination of help with depression and career advice:

"Very helpful. The sessions provided me with practical advice and the results were tangible.”

Jo asked for some career counselling sessions, and when asked what was particularly helpful, wrote:

"Looking at the practical implications of changing career and helping me believe that it was possible to move jobs after 25 years in the same place."

Martina came for career counselling and general counselling/therapy

"Very friendly and approachable but also more professional than previous places I have attended. A comfortable environment for discussion without the overdose of empathy that can seem condescending..."

Gina asked for a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) assessment

"The time and interest and making the session relevant [was helpful]. I felt at ease and the therapist was genuine and really showed he wanted to help."

Gordon worked with one of our team for therapy and commented that it was worth more than the price he paid. He also added...

"Judy just made the environment feel very safe, like I could say anything and that would be ok, also her ability to pinpoint the problems was amazing, very friendly, comforting and overall very good at her job"

Martin came for career coaching and help overcoming worries. Like Gordon, he felt it was worth more than he paid.

"I was challenged at a very early stage and made to confront some of my fears preventing me from taking meaningful action towards moving out of my stuckness and confusion. Such as more flexible thinking approach and getting out of my socially phobic comfort zones. I knew I would be challenged and I needed a bit of a push that I couldn't provide entirely myself due to inbuilt psychological resistances."

Tina came for stress management

"Understood situation, was able to ask questions to help me assess myself to take action going forward. Direct approach which was helpful with understanding and support."

Sarah wanted to talk about some stresses she was going through

"Being able to talk about my issues and having an unbiased, non-judgemental approach to understanding what is going on for me in my mind. Understanding more on the physiological and psychological effects if stress on emotional well being."

Rose came for CV and interview preparation

"I found it helpful to review my CV and hear about how to make sure you are only saying positive things that reflect well on you in interview situations."

Alex came for help with anxiety and panic attacks "Life-changing isn't a strong enough phrase to describe my experience, I cannot thank the partnership enough."

Steven came for low self-esteem and anxiety issues

"David was a good sounding board and I learned a lot through listening to him."

We ask all our clients to rate us on a 5 point scale. The vast majority has given us full marks, rating our service as "very helpful."

One of the reasons we have so many overwhelmingly positive comments about our range of services is that our job as professional psychologists and coaches is to work collaboratively with the client to ensure we work together in a way that is meaningful to the client. If we don't believe that our approach is right for you, we give advice towards finding the right support.

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