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Client Resources

Career Resources:


Please note: the links below are to external websites and the Craigie Partnership cannot take responsibility for third-party site or any information contained within them.


Skills Development Scotland

A website offering advice for people who are struggling to find a job, or to choose a career path. The site also discusses, courses, redundancy, further training etc. Ideal for those who are dissatisfied with their current work situation and looking for some information and/or guidance.



National Careers Service (Direct Gov)

Find Careers, Learning and Skills Advice.  A service which allows the user to create a free online account to store their c.v., and qualifications, and receive regular career updates based on their needs.

Call 0800 100 900 to speak to a careers advisor.



Prospects – Graduate Careers Service

A careers site aimed at university graduates looking to make career choices. The site covers c.v.’s covering letters, options with your subject, interview tips, graduate employers/job search, postgraduate study, and international graduate jobs.  



Job Centre Plus

For information on applying for jobs, job searches, and applying for benefits.



Business Gateway

Offers advice and resources for self-employment across Scotland.


Self-Help Resources:

Below is a list of Self Help resources for mental well-being. For more assistance with any well-being issue, visit our Psychology, CBT and Therapy site: Edinburgh Psychology Services.

Mind over Mood

An easy-to-read self-help book ideal for people feeling anxious or depressed. This guides the reader through the process of changing how they feel by changing the way they think.

iThrive Edinburgh (formerly Ed Space)

This is a site with Edinburgh-specific self-help information, including classes and events taking place in Edinburgh, fact sheets, downloadable self-help booklets, and self-help groups around Edinburgh. Ideal for people looking for help and support locally.


Steps for stress

Free relaxation, breathing and audio playlists for Stress from NHS Inform.


NHS Inform mental health

An NHS site offering online information and advice to those suffering from mental health issues. The site helps the reader identify and work on individual problems that may be causing their stress.


Mood Gym

This is an interactive self-help site for cognitive behavioural therapy for depression. The reader answers questions about themselves and is guided through steps for changing behaviour by changing their thought patterns, all online. Ideal for people wanting to try therapy to tackle their depression.

Costs on website.

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